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  Getting the most from this site



  • The Site Menu appears immediately below the website name (Home, Welcome, Tips for Viewers, etc). Click on the various pages to view them.
  • The Bread Crumbs track your movements on the site (Home >> Galleries >> Birds >> Waterfowl >> Ducks >> Mallard)


  • Images reside in Galleries, and can be opened by clicking on them
  • The enlarged image and its legend appear along with a box containing thumbnails of the other images in that Gallery.  Move through the images using the white < or > above the thumbnails or use the arrows on your keyboard, or click on an image of interest to open it.
  • If you mouse over the upper left corner of the enlarged image, a drop-down menu will appear. Select DIM THE LIGHTS to further enlarge the image on a jet black background. Use the arrow keys on your keyboard to view all the images in the gallery in this format. Sit back and enjoy!
  • Click on the X in the upper right corner to return to the enlarged, captioned view.
  • If you click on the grey INFO button at the top left of the thumbnails box, the EXIF and IPTC information for the selected thumbnail will appear, if available.
  • Exit an active gallery by clicking on another gallery or group visible in the Bread Crumbs.


  • Clicking on the white Slideshow button in the upper right corner of any gallery page will launch a full screen slideshow.  To exit, click ESC.
  • Customize the slideshow by selecting the background color from the tone squares top centre. Clicking Options in the top right of your screen will allow you to change the playback speed, and choose whether the caption and EXIF data are shown.  Sit back and enjoy!


  • If you enjoyed or visit and like my work, please leave me a message
  • The thumbnails in each gallery are numbered. To comment about a specific image identify it by gallery name + image number.


  • The Observations page is my version of a blog.