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The Piping Plover is a small, stocky, sand-colored shorebird that inhabits wide, open beaches, alkali and sand flats of North America. Fewer than 3,000 breeding pairs were detected in the U.S. and Canada in 2001. Decimated by overhunting during the late 1800s, the species is now threatened and endangered by fluctuating water levels, feral predators, recreational and agricultural use of beach habitat. Broad-scale conservation actions include the formation of Inland and Atlantic Piping Plover recovery teams in the U.S. and Canada that set conservation priorities for restoring populations. Local conservation efforts on breeding sites are often coordinated by NGOs like Bird Studies Canada and staffed by volunteers. One morning in June 2013 a guardian from the SE New Brunswick Piping Plover Project escorted us to an active territory and monitored our activities while we photographed the plover family. It was a special experience; they are delightful and remarkable little birds. Thank you John and Remi for making it happen! We have been informed that the 3 chicks fledged successfully.

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