Cindy Brown(non-registered)
Your work is very awe-inspiring. Whenever I want to feel close to nature, I turn to your photographs. I'm so thankful that you choose to share your talents with so many.
Mary-Ellen Wiebe(non-registered)
Just looked at your website again , just now.
It makes my heart happy.
Rod MacIvor/Ottawa(non-registered)
your collection is impressive and I especially love the Hummingbird action. As a photojournalist for 42 years and now a nature and bird lover as well, I realize the difficulty in capturing images of these birds! Your detail in the birds (Owls included)are lovely. Keep on enjoying your new hobby! and thanks for sharing!
Ron Paris(non-registered)
Just learned of this wonderful site. It will require a number of visits to appreciate the skill, time and knowledge needed to put together such and incredible collection of images.
Rhondda MacKay(non-registered)
Awesome indeed!
Marina Scarr(non-registered)
Really enjoyed the website. Loved your profile pic with the bird on your head while you were trying to shoot.
Della Bond(non-registered)
Beautiful photos Glen. You truly have found a new calling/ 2nd career.
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